Government is not bothered about jobs

Fatality of appointing chairman to APPSC

Hope of the unemployed youth is in vain

Andhra Pradesh: The way TDP is functioning is just like a caterpillar staying in its own place without any movement. Before elections the TDP has publicized that if Babu is on power, unemployed youth will get employment. However, after coming to power the TDP is making the State as Unemployed youth Sate. Chandrababu Naidu deceived the unemployed youth after getting their votes.  It's almost one and a half year the TDP came to power, but not even one attendant post has been filled. On the top of that, contract jobs and outsourcing jobs are also removed which is the present worst situation.

 No notification - No appointment of Chairman

During division, it is stated that 1.42 lakhs of government jobs are vacant. So far, the notification is not yet released. Almost months passed the DSC test is over, still there is no assigned posts given. APPSC is the backbone of government jobs, still there is no chairman appointed for it which is the worst scenario. Regarding Chairman appointment though Babu received the file form Commission, he is not bothered. The TRS government, has made the TPPSC and also recruited the Chairman along with the other members and issued notification for the jobs. But Naidu is not bothered. Further, Babu is the only person who gets the credit passing orders that no employment notification has to be released now.

 Hopes are gone astray

No response from various departments, for the report given by the Kamalnadh Committee regarding the job vacancies relating to the divisions of APPSC. The APPSC recorded that 16 thousand posts are vacant and a report has been submitted. Permissions for filling those posts is also not given.  Government's negligence tone is clear on the notifications where unemployed youths hopes are gone astray. Every month there's supposed to be a meeting conducted by the Chairman and other members. But, as there is no Chairman, the meeting is happening once in three months. The government recently received the final verdicts of the Supreme Court giving some guidelines for the Group 1, 2. There is no reaction till now while months passed receiving the judgments.

 Reputation of Commission is lost

Worst things are happening in the APPSC which is under the guidance of constitutional status. IAS appointed by the State are expected and rule is passed that they have to learn the regional languages. This responsibility also belongs to APPSC. However, some of the IAS, who were recently allocated different places said they are not interested, the APPSC authorities ordered orally to the government and not following the principles.

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