Fresh Drama! Chandrababu Unleashes False Propaganda

In fresh political drama, Chandrababu Naidu unleashed false propaganda against YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.  

Thoroughly exposed by his failure in getting sanctioned required funds under special package and also assurance on special status from the Centre, Chandrababu resorted to malign the image of YSR Congress Party and its leader.  The TDP Chief was spreading a false message that YSR Congress will forge alliance with BJP in next elections in AP. There is  not a single iota of truth in Chandrababu's goebbels propaganda against YS Jagan.  

The CM also exploited the Assembly as a platform to spread canards against the main opposition party.  YS Jagan already announced his party is ready to support any party which accorded special status to Andhra in next elections.  

The TDP leader has projected his party snapped ties with BJP by pulling out the leaders from central cabinet.  But,  he did not criticise BJP openly. Practically, Chandrababu was still supporting BJP and maintaining cordial relations with central leaders secretly. 

The high drama in Assembly where the CM broke down over injustice meted out to Andhra was a clear evidence that Chandrababu has no guts to fight against BJP.  He himself praised centre for announcing special package and now shedding crocodile tears.  

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