CM Spills The Beans

Hyderabad: CM Chandrababu Naidu, who is used so much to unfair administration, has spilled the beans during a video conference with ministers and officials.

This is what Babu said:

"Ours is political rule. To win in the elections again, we have to appoint those officials who listen to us and have to put the other officials on hold. In Japan,even the cabinet secretary belongs to the ruling party. Transfers and appointments of crucial positions like DSP and RDP should be sent directly to me. I shall directly look into them and issue orders."

CM has held conference with collectors and higher officials regarding the general transfers of the employees. Ministers as well as ruling party MLAs participated in it. Chandrababu questioned the ministers' indifference towards the transfer of employees. Ministers told him that they did not intervene n it because usually transfers would happen transparently based on the performance of the employees. This caused the CM to furiously respond. He scolded Achennayudu to think politically about transparency. 

Officials at shock

The officers and collectors present in the video conference were at shock to hear the CM directly stating that the appointments and transfers should be done in view of victory in the next elections. They have apparently not seen any CM deliver this sort of statements in an official video conference before. They are expressing concern about good administration happening in the state with this kind of ideology and practice in place.

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