CM Chose Publicity Craze Over Farmers' Welfare

  • Krishna delta changing into a barren land
  • Farmers neglected by the Government 
  • Agonized farmers

The CM of AP boasted about development of 450 lift irrigation schemes. He stated we should not be scared of drought and the drought should be scared of us. He credited himself with river integration. The farmers were in fact hardly benefited in the 2.5 years of his rule. Due to the Government's lack of foresight, there is now drought taking over the state.

Vijayawada: Krishna delta is rich with green crop fields, flowing water canals and heaps of prospered rice grains. But due to Chandrababu's negligence, the area turned into a barren land now. Due to lack of rainfall, drought is taking over the area. Instead of coming to the aid of the farmers, the Government has been busy with pushkarams. The farmers are agonized due to the loss of crops of worth lakhs of rupees. Krishna delta farmers were completely neglected by the Government.

Publicity craze it is

Babu has to be credited for claiming credit for integration of Krishna and Godavari rivers just by adding two jugs of water from one river to the other. He performed groundbreaking ceremony thrice for provision of water to Rayalaseema from Pattiseema. But he failed to give water even to the crops of Krishna delta. TDP Government is more concerned about publicity than about farmers' benefit. The CM kept himself busy with pushkarams but failed to realise the crops withering just beside that area. He turned the otherwise flourished Krishna delta into a barren land. The farmers are left with no choice but to extract water from canals with engines and transfer it to the crops for watering.

Where are drought assistance measures?

There has been drought in the state since three years. But there has been no assistance from the Government's side. The farmers from the drought areas announced in the last two years never received input subsidy. Why is Chandrababu, who demanded Rs.10,000 compensation per acre during drought in 2003, not implementing it now, being the CM? He made it clear on multiple occasions earlier that he would provide necessary assistance in order to meet the aim of the Government. Why is he not working in this direction for renovation of Krishna delta, timely release of irrigation water, improvement of underground water and crop water canals?

If YSR was alive..

The state was properous when former CM Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy was ruling.    It saw a great deal of development. He could offer welfare to people of every village according to the individual requirements of each of the people of the three areas. From Jalayagnyam to industrial development, he planned projects and industries in order to insure development of all areas. He took up construction of 86 irrigation water projects throughout the state. All the jalayagnyam projects would have been completed by now if YSR was alive. Industries would have flourished in all areas. Farmers are recollecting the legendary leader's activities and wishing he was alive.
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