Chandrbabu's real estate deals

Techniques to increase the real estate business of Telugu brothers
Ensuring the minimum facilities to be in place on behalf of the
The way the tours of Chief were organized

Anantapur: The chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is organizing the real estate business. To support the telugu brothers ventures, Naidu is utilizing his tours and the overall issues are silently taken care.   

Deals on Real estate:
The real estate business of Telugu leaders is flourishing as they came to power. The business is going on in 13 leading districts  of Andhra Pradesh. The TDP leaders are seeing that their ventures are close to each other. On large purchase of land, the responsibility of providing the basic amenities will be held by the real estate man. Which means that developing roads, electricity poles and parks and so on support the flats to be sold fast in the particular venture.

Real estate deals
Since the introduction of TDP power Chechen brothers are in the real estate business going. 13 districts in Andhra major towns and cities in the running. TDP leaders vesukonela kudabalukkoni care ventures are closely related. Then, after the purchase of large tracts of land to be given the responsibility of Infrastructure in the region is on general real estate magnate. That is to get roads, electricity poles patincatam, such as parks, through to set up the ventures have been faster in the plot.

Amenities provided on the name of Government:
The real drama begins as the yellow brothers Ventures are done while the government is seeing that the expected government construction is launched close to those ventures.  With this, there is an impression created that government is providing some facilities towards development and something is going to happen is mainly advertised. Further, on the name of Chief Ministers visit or some important members visit, the development of providing street lights and roads are quickly done. This is the main reason for focussing and advertising high on the occasions such as laying a foundation stone to doing puja to Earth. So together advertising and providing the basic facilities in the layout is done simultaneously by government indirectly. With this the land rates in the Telugu party ventures are reaching peaks.

True colour of Naidu is revealed:
Naidus visit to Anantapur district, has proved the trickiness and revealed the true colours of Naidu.  Chief Ministers visit was planned to be organized in the 36th division.
On the name of CMs visit, quick steps were taken to construct electricity poles, minimum infrastructure, parks and roads on this name. Within a week to ten days, overall Rs 2 crores were spent on these facilities provided in overall 30 acres of real estate land. Hardly Naidu came for few minutes. This facilities in the layout are been a support and added attraction to grab the people's attention. The land price stating per cent was 6 - 7 lakhs previously, while the same land is found to be for Rs 8 - 10 lakhs now. Without spending amount, taking the support of Government, and making business is the Telugu peoples aim.
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