Chandrababu's 'True Colours' Exposed

Chandrababu Naidu has claimed the outcome of the Nandyal Assembly by-elections was the result of his developmental programmes and welfare schemes. In the reality, the TDP won the by-election by misusing the muscle and money power. 

Chandrababu exploited his office to win the election. He used police forces to threaten people and YSR Congress leaders who are fighting against TDP dictatorial rule. He announced several developmental schemes overnight to lure the voters including housing, road network, drinking water schemes and announced sops to  the communities.  

Chandrababu also went beyond the limits and conducted raids in YSR Congress leaders including party candidate Silpa Mohan Reddy and his family members. 
He was seen openly threatening voters and warning them that their ration and pensions will be cut if they don't vote in favour of the TDP.

Chandrababu resorted to all illegal means ranging from constant threats and allurement of  voters , misuse of power and  distribution of money and liquor to defeat the YSR Congress Party. After the result announced, these unethical practices of Chandrababu are majorly being discussed in Andhra Pradesh.

Though Chandrababu won the Nandyal by-poll, the people of AP have come to a conclusion that  the AP will develop only under the leadership of YSR Congress Supreme.
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