Chandrababu's great cover-up of Titli Cyclone

Chandrababu Naidu tomtoms his ability to use technology and control weather. He boastfully claims to control cyclones and natural disasters through tele conferences. He claims to have organized six tele conferences expecting Titli disaster. But, the question is why did he not keep relief material ready? Why did he not store safe drinking water in the affected areas? Why is he supplying muddied and unclean water to the cyclone hit people? Why is he unable to stop the plunder and pillage of relief material by his own partymen?

Chandrababu is claiming to have brought normalcy within days. But, this is a white lie and can be proved if one visits the cyclone hit areas. In fact, Chandrababu himself got a taste of this when he asked the people from his AC bus if everyone got the relief material. The people replied in the negative. When Lokesh visited the affected areas, the locals took him to task for not supplying relief material. The TDP government got some of the protesters arrested to bring the situation under control.

Chandrababu himself shamelessly admitted that the officials were not willing to visit Uddanam area due to the spread of kidney ailments. This shows that his officers are not obeying his commands and that he has no grip on the administration. Chandrababu is shamelessly claiming credit for the Government’s work, which it should normally do. Camping in Palasa is being claimed as a great feat. Every relief material is being provided from the Government exchequer, but Chandrababu is claiming as if he is giving the money from his personal account. He is trying to cover up the protests against him and his son in the flood affected areas. When the BBC reporter asked him why was there so much discontent against the government relief works, Chandrababu said that the people were in a shock as they did not expect the cyclone.

Funny answer indeed!!

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