Chandrababu's Boasting Business Trending On Social Media

Hyderabad: Chandrababu's habit of boasting about bringing IT has become a trending topic lately with PAC chairman and YSRCP MLA Buggana Rajendranath slamming his extreme boasting. Discussion is going on about Babu's crediting himself of establishment of IT industry in South India as part of technological evolution.
38% of contribution to IT industry was from Bengaluru. Tamilnadu and Delhi occupied the next place with 14% contribution each. 16% contribution was from Mumbai-Pune while AP state contributed only 8%. While AP occupied the 3rd place when Chandrababu's tenure started, it came down to the 5th place at the end of it after 9 years.
Unlike what Chandrababu bluffs, IT sector has gradually developed in South India with time, thanks to the ability of English speaking in the people of the area and the general interest students took in engineering field. But irrespective of the reality, Chandrababu likes to pocket all the credit.
In fact, the interest shown by Karnataka Government in developing the sector in Bengaluru has paid off. Computerisation of public sector companies and calling packaged tenders enabled quick development. At the same time, Chandrababu joined small units together and gave them away just like in the case of Pattiseema and benefited his favourite parties. He controlled the sector by giving certificates with the names 'software technology park' and 'Andhra Pradesh technological services'.
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