Chandrababu Removes 21,000 workers Of Saakshar Bharat Mission

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who already deceived lakhs of youth by not fulfilling the promise of job and unemployment dole,  has removed 21,000 worker of Saakshar Bharat Mission throwing their lives into the lurch.  

The CM took the decision of removal of existing worker in a bid to appoint TDP workers and party supporters in the place of the expelled workers. 

The workers have been working in the mission for the last 15 years.  Village coordinators were getting Rs 2,000 and mandal and district workers are given Rs 6,000 per month honorarium. The centrally sponsored Mission centre's were established in 9,979 centres. The mission was taken up in 10 districts except in Krishna district.  

The government issued orders removing the workers with effect from March 31. Workers were informed only in June.  Government also did not pay perks to the workers from October last year.  Government would have to pay three months salary from March to June also. 

It required of Rs 4.50 crore only to pay salaries for the removed all workers. The funds under the mission was provided by the union government. 

The  mission workers angered on Chandrababu for taking anti workers decisions. They said the CM was spending crores of rupees on his foreign tours and charter flights and left them jobless. 
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