Chandrababu Makes AP Administration A Big Mockery

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has made state administration a big mockery.  Throwing people’s welfare to the winds,  the chief minister is encouraging officials to implement his political agenda.
The officials were being lured with money. In some instances, they were blackmailed. In a fresh example,  AP Employees Union President Ashok Babu has  been sent to Karnataka to campaign against BJP in the elections. Chandrababu personally instructed Ashok Babu to meet Telugu people in Karnataka to  defeat the BJP. 

Mortgaging state interests, the TDP Chief was exploiting official machinery to fulfill his political agenda.  The present state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh gave clear indication that Chandrababu will utilize officials for his party's campaign in the next elections.  

The officials who defied to implement TDP agenda were threatened with cases against them. The IAS and IPS officials were lured with promotions to enforce Chandrababu's personal agenda in state administration. 
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