Chandrababu bought Davos entry pass for 4.5 crore?

Every January, the Telugu media goes into a tizzy writing reams and reams about Davos summit. The reason? Our dear Chandrababu never misses this outing. The moment he boards the flight, the Yes Media gets hyper active and churns out stories about how Chandrababu is bringing home thousands of crores of investments.

 The stories also go into a harangue saying all eyes are on Chandrababu and even the likes of Bill Gates and Satya Nadella have become emotional on seeing a hard-working Chandrababu. There would also be snippets about how Chandrababu is in his usual trademark attire even in the bone chilling winter at Davos. The media reels of statistics about the investments that Chandrababu is getting and the deals that the biggies have signed with him.

However, the cat is out of the bag when one studies the investments that had actually flown in. Separate grain from chaff and one will see that these are wasteful exercises that get no investments. Also, it is now emerging that Chandrababu is actually buying an entry ticket to enter the Davos World Economic Summit. Social media has shown that Chandrababu had paid Rs 4.5 crore to buy a seat at the summit. So, it’s not on invitation that Chandrababu is going to Davos. Social media is abuzz with the details of the GOs issued to release money to buy passes at Davos.

 Even his son Lokesh is learning a trick or two from his father’s publicity repertoire. This time, Lokesh too has accompanied his father to Davos. Remember he paid 10000 USD to Barak Obama to shake his hands. Chandrababu’s Davos tour cost around Rs 24 crore. The result? Zilch!!!

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