Babu Is Responsible For Goodbye Bid To Special Status

  • Comments saying special status is not a wonder drug
  • Accounts manipulated for fame
  • Centre changes mind due to Chandrababu
  • Centre declares there is no more special status

Hyderabad: The greed of a chief minister can ruin the dreams of the people of a whole state. This is proven with the scenario of AP. Doors for the sanction of special status have been intentionally closed. Minister of the state for finance, Jayant Sinha has stated that there is no regulation mentioning special status in the bifurcation law. As this statement drew negative criticism, cabinet minister Arun Jaitley has given an explanation in the parliament. Yet, special status has not been mentioned.

The Great past

During the discussion in Rajyasabha on reorganisation bill on the 20th of February in 2014, the PM of that time mentioned certain issues. He stated that special category status would be applied for five years to the state of AP with 13 districts. Opposition BJP leaders responded to this statement and insisted for the special status to be for ten years instead. In spite of their enthusiasm in sanctioning the special status for the state, the result is zero. The NDA Government that later came to power has not mentioned the special status since the two years of their rule.

Chandrababu has to be credited 

Chandrababu boasted during the election canvassing that he would get the special status of the state for 10-15 years if they won. They bluffed that wonders were possible only through BJP-TDP alliance. But after the votes were cast, Chandrababu forgot totally about his promise. Moreover, his Government got busy with sex rackets, capital land mafia and cases like note for vote case. So Chandrababu is now scared to speak against the Government. His speech would push him against the favour of the leaders at the centre and his unlawful activities might backfire. So he started giving statements like special status is not a wonder drug and it does not matter if it is given or not.

The centre mumbles

When the Chief Minister of the state himself gives statements that it does not matter if special status is sanctioned, the leaders at the centre will obviously follow his lead. On the other hand, accounts have been manipulated and AP has been shown to have the highest development rate in the whole country. Lakhs of crores of rupees are said to be flowing in as investments in the state. Hence, the centre has come to an opinion that AP does not need any mitigation measures. Ultimately the idea of sanctioning special status to the status is being locked down.

Recently finance minister Arun Jaitley also passed mentioning special status. He argued that AP is being given more than enough already. He suggested that mere packages should be enjoyed. Finally special status is nowhere to be seen in the vicinity.

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