Assembly session under the eyes of Naidu:

The ruling party has gone to such an extremes in order to come out of the sex racket case which involved locking the gates of assembly, forcing the opposition MLAs to move away from the session and not leaving any chance in conducting the assembly at their wish. Without even abiding to the rules of the house, the ruling party indulged in personal abuses on the opposition party leaders and behaved in a non-appreciable way by throwing efforts in stamping the opposition party. While MLA Roja was talking on behalf of women, she was ordered in the house to be suspended for one year. This proves the injustice of the ruling party on women and also on the opposition party members which was considered as a worst situation for any leader of a party, said the YSRCP leaders.



Being in a respectable position, Naidu has degraded himself by making irresponsible comments in the Assembly. Naidu also commented that the YSRCP MLAs, are behaving like Rowdis and passed furious comments.  


 Gorantla Buchhayya Chowdary...

The ruling party MLA Gorantla Buchayya went to his pitch and fired on the YSRCP MLAs and uttered harsh language and stated that he is having authority and YSRCP can't do anything while they have the authority. He even went to the level of threatening the YSRCP leaders.


vishnukumar Raju:

The BJP MLA Vishnu kumar Raju raised his voice on the YSRCP  MLAs. If at all we need to talk about call money, sex rocket and other discussions, it takes hardly two minutes for us to resolve the problem, said Vishnu Kumar.



The TDP leader, Acchem Naidu  fired on the Oppositon parties and critically uttered abusive language irrespective of the Assembly rules.


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