Are the Godavari District leaders sleeping?

Are the Godavari District leaders sleeping or they are acting as if they are asleep? Why because they are not feeling the pinch of the situation. Chandrababu Naidu is cheating the Godavari Delta farmers with which the delta will dry up and the farmers will not receive any water for cultivation.

In the lower area of Dhawaleshwaram Barrage a total of 10,50,000 acres gets cultivated. In this under the east Godavari canal region 3,00,000 acres, under central division which is Konaseema region 2,00,000 acres, under west Godavari mini island region 2,50,000 acres, under west Godavari canal region 3,00,000 acres is being cultivated. In these farms three crops are harvested every year. But, now giving water to these farms is becoming difficult.

The Irrigation officers declared that water cannot be given to more than 6,00,000 acres. With this the farmers are very worried as there will be no second crop this year. The officers are giving lame excuse that because water was released to all the ghats during Godavari Pushkaras and water from Sileru is not coming this year water cannot be given for all the three crops.

The actual conspiracy lies with Chandrababu, who took morethan Rs.300 crores commission on Pattiseema Ettipotala Scheme. He is desperately trying to make it success. But after October the water levels in Godavari will drastically reduce and this water is sufficient for Rabi cultivation. Chandrababu is planning to divert this water by digging a big trench in the main channel. With this the water which should flow downwards will get diverted towards Pattiseema Ethipothala Scheme. Chandrababu wants to make his scheme successful so that he can make this a big publicity. Despite knowing all this the Godavari District TDP leaders are acting ignorance.

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