AP Stands Last In Per Capita Income In South India

Despite Andhra Pradesh achieved second position in GDP as claimed Chandrababu, the state  stood last in South India in per capita income. 

Kerala achieved first place followed by Karnataka,  Tamil Nadu and Telangana in the per capita income in South India. AP' s per capita income has been increased to Rs  1.22 lakh from Rs  99, 699. But the fact is  the AP government has taken into consideration the Income generated  from  shrimp cultivation in finalising the per capita income.  The intensified agriculture crisis and growing unemployment were not taken into account. 

The reason for achieving second in the GDP by Andhra Pradesh was the national average has been reduced to single digit. Persisting  agriculture crisis, slow down in industrial development and growing unemployment pushed Andhra Pradesh in to crisis in the Chandrababu government.
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