YSRCP demands TDP to move no trust motion

Press Release

March 8: YSR Congress has demanded the main opposition TDP to move a no
confidence motion in the ensuing budget session, if Chandrababu Naidu believes
in democratic values and principles.

the State has failed on every front and all sections of people are under
duress, it is the responsibility of the main opposition to move a no confidence
motion and Chandababu Naidu trying evade it shows that he has no respect of
people’s feelings but has his own save Congress agenda to fulfill,” party
spokesperson Amabti Rambabu told reporters here on Friday.

this is the first time the history of the state that the leader of opposition
is skipping the budget session on the alibi of padayatra, though there are
countless issues of public importance to be discussed.  

His allegation that our party wants to use the
no-confidence motion as a trade-off is rubbish. Even during the earlier
instance, TDP moved a no confidence motion, it was Congress that lost 17
members and in the subsequent by-elections could retain only two seats and it
was a straight fight between our party and Congress.

 “How does
the question of trade-off come into picture? Chandrababu Naidu has been evading
and avoiding no-confidence motion as he has an understanding with Congress to
save the party while in crisis. He has done it during the FDI voting in Rajya
Sabha as well,” he said.

The TDP leader is also not confident of gaining
any seats if the government falls and this is the other reason why he is
keeping away from the budget session. The time will come when people will keep

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