YSRCP: Police threatening party workers

Press Release

Hyderabad, July 15,
2013: The Congress Government has been misusing official machinery by foisting
false cases against sympathizers of YSRCP in the panchayat elections in the
garb of the recent Supreme Court verdict, Party senior leader Dr MV Mysoora
Reddy has said.

“The apex court verdict
has been misinterpreted and police have been arresting adversaries of Congress
and remanding them to judicial custody depriving them of the opportunity to
contest or vote. They have been threatening YSRCP supporters and the Government
is misusing the official machinery on a large scale,” he told reporters here on

As the Supreme Court
verdict has far reaching consequences, it should be reviewed, discussed,
debated and a foolproof legislation should be brought in as all political
parties are opposing criminalization of politics.

There is every
possibility that the government in power can misuse the apex court verdict
given in good faith.

“In the panchayat
elections, the state has unleashed police force which is playing havoc with
innocent people who belong to other parties. Even an inspector can book a case
and send the prospective sarpanch to remand making him ineligible to contest or
vote in the election.

We demand that police
should shun from such highhanded behaviour and the misuse of State machinery
should be stopped.

Besides misuse of official machinery, Congress and
TDP are openly helping each other and trying to field a common candidate
against YSRCP supporters. This trend was there in earlier elections as well and
the results will be the same now, he said. 

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