YSRCP calls expulsion of MPs a gimmick

Press Release

Hyderabad, Feb 11, 2014: Dubbing the expelling of six Congress MPs from the party as a political gimmick, YSR Congress has said why no action was taken against other MPs, Ministers and Chief Minister who defied the Party stand on the state division.  

“It has been pulling the strings while the Congress leaders have been puppets in the hands of the high command which is in a hurry to table the Telangana Bill. The Congress has been selective in moving the legislations as the Women’s Reservation Bill and the Bill to provide political empowerment to BCs was kept in cold storage and has not been showing any interest,” party spokesperson Gattu Ramachadra Rao told reporters here on Tuesday.  

Floor coordination was never seen by Congress on important issues like the Women’s and BC Reservation Bill. They never took such important issues seriously, but the unknown compulsions have made the Party to scout for support and it is seen knocking hard at Opposition parties’ doors.  

The Prime Minster takes up to dinner diplomacy and the Party managers are openly seen hob-nobbing with opposition parties and seem to be hell-bent in dividing the state. They send the Bill to President who is in Mumbai to get the approval.  

“While very important issues are kept in the back-burner Telangana Bill is being taken up on a top priority. The minority government takes up such a major decision which is against the will of the 75% of the people of Andhra Pradesh.  

While all this is going on BJP raises a point to keep your house in order and then comes the expulsion and this is part of the script. The six MPs who moved no-confidence motion were expelled only to expedite the division process.  

Why action was not taken against other Ministers, MPs, Chief Minister who sat on a dharna in the national capital, State ministers and MLAs from Seemandhra is not known. “Does it mean that other Seemandhra leaders are in agreement with the state division is not known?  

The expulsion of the MPs is a signal sent to BJP that they are stern in handling dissent within the Party and wanted the Main Opposition to reciprocate by helping in passing the Bill.  

Women’s Reservation Bill was not taken up on the grounds that a solitary member has torn the copy of the Bill. In Seemandhra there was a bonfire of the State Reorganisation Bill 2013 but it was ignored. The Congress single-mindedly wanted to go ahead with the Bill and is playing every trick available in the box.  

The other MPs and Ministers are mute and silent when such an injustice is being done to the Telugu people. All this seems to be running as per a script unless the entire contingent of Seemandhra comes out in revolt and keep up the Telugu pride, “he said.  

There has been confusion and the Ministers have been sending confusing signals whether there are financial implications to the Bill or not.  

The main opposition TDP is no different. While the TDP floor leader Nama Nageswara Rao demands for a division others are against. The floor leader and N Chandrababu Naidu speaking in two different tones is spoiling the spirit of parliamentary democracy. 

The Bill was sent to the Assembly only to dodge legal tangles. The division of Khammam, declaring Hyderabad as a Union Territory and the thought of Rayal Telangana were all floated by the Delhi and was part of the script, he said.

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