YSR Congress rules out merger with any party

Press Release


Congress rules out merger with any party


TDP to move no confidence motion against the Cong govt


Hyderabad, Sept 8:
Strictly ruling out its merger with any other party at any point of time, YSR
Congress today challenged the opposition Telugu Desam Party to introduce a no
confidence motion in the assembly against the government.

Addressing a press
conference at the party headquarters here, party leaders and spokespersons
Bajireddy Goverdhan, Vasireddy Padma and Rehman rejected the politically
inspired media propaganda that the YSR Congress would merge with Congress

Finding fault with the
PTI staffer who filed a false report on Friday saying that YSR Congress
honourary president Smt. Y.S Vijayamma has not ruled out the party’s merger
with the Congress, Bajireddy and Padma said coverts are also working in the
media on behalf of some political parties. Some political parties are also
involved in the conspiracy, they observed.

Calling the PTI report
unfortunate, the leaders took umbrage to the delayed telecast of the party’s
rejoinder and condemnation of the falsified report in some channels. “We don’t
understand why some channels took more than half an hour to telecast the denial
of PTI report by Vijayamma,” they said. They asked the media to report without
any sort of bias.

Reiterating the party’s
view that the TDP has been in collusion with the Congress, the three leaders
have asked the TDP to introduce a no confidence motion against the Kirankumar
Reddy government to know who is colluding with whom.

“Let TDP introduce a no
confidence motion on Sept 17 when the assembly session begins and you will know
what we will do,” they said.


Govardhan charged the
TDP with unleashing a mudslinging campaign against the YSRCP. “During the
recent by elections, TDP had made false propaganda that our party would support
BJP and now it has spread rumors that we will merge with      Congress,” they said.

colluding with Congress

Charging TDP with
hobnobbing with the Congress, the YSR Congress leaders said Chandrababu Naidu
went to Delhi to conspire against Jagan Mohan Reddy who was jailed for no fault
of his.

“Naidu met four
congress MPs in Delhi and conspired with them to downsize the growing
popularity of Jagan,” they charged.

Padma backing the
charge against the TDP by adding that Naidu in the past used to show ‘V’ symbol
with his fingers for victory but now he has recently started showing the hand symbol
to indicate he has colluded with the Congress.

She also charged the
Congress leaders with trying to confuse the people by praising YSR in Delhi and
simultaneously unleashing a false campaign in Hyderabad through media on
Friday. “It is all to send a false message to people that YSRCP is moving
closer to the Congress,” Padma charged.

not YSR statue in AP Bhavan?

Rehman asked the
Congress leaders and Government as to why they didn’t till now try to install
YSR statue in the AP Bhavan in Delhi when they are heaping so much praise on
the late chief minister YSR.

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