Will fight for justice, says Roja

Hyderabad, March 25: YSRCP MLA,  RK Roja has said that she has no objection in appearing before the Privileges Committee but affirmed that her fight against injustice would continue as every effort is being made by distorting facts, concocting stories and resorting to character assassination by the ruling TDP.

‘My suspension and TDP MLA Anita’s allegations are two different issues which are badly mixed up and confusion is being created. The issue before the Privileges Committee is about my alleged remarks on Anita and my suspension involves the issue of my utterances against the Chief Minister with regard to the Call Money Sex racket.

While I am prepared to appear before the Privileges Committee, on suspension issue I continue to fight in the legal forum. On both counts there are efforts to defame me and TDP is resorting to character assassination to which I will give a blow by blow reply,’ she told a press conference here on Friday.

The suspension issue under rule 304 clause (2) does not permit the suspension of any member for one year and we have challenged that in the court on this ground. Legislative Affairs Minister trying to cover up that the rule was wrongly quoted carries no ground as he has a long standing in the Assembly under various capacities.

‘During the debate on Call Money Sex Racket I have used the word Ca. Ma., an abbreviated form for Call Money, which is in vogue and was printed in many newspapers. When the media was agog with the abbreviated form of Ca. Ma., for Call Money how can I be held fault for using the word Ca. Ma. in course of sloganeering in the House,’ she said.

If the sequence of events is looked into very keenly, there has been a methodical approach by Chandrababu Naidu who has usurped power and Party from NTR, the killing of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga and now the character assassination of Roja. Chandrababu Naidu has been using the same set of people on all the three occasions.

To bring up the issue itself, we had to give the adjournment motion twice and protest to take up the Call Money Sex racket. When the Government was on the defence, to cover up its shortcomings and to wriggle out of the situation it has deliberated raised the Ca. Ma., issue and only I was singled out though nearly 30 members have raised the slogans.

‘This makes the intentions of the Government very clear. They are after me and hell-bent on gagging my voice. I will not be deterred and I will fight the suspension issue in courts and other forums as the words I have used were in print in the media earlier,’ she said.

The second issue pertains to my alleged remarks on TDP MLA Anita and her complaint to the Privileges Committee. How the video slipped out of the Assembly and made its rounds in the social media should be answered and those responsible should be punished. The clippings are edited heavily as my dress varies from time to time.

Moreover, while the incident happens on December 18th the members complains on December 22 and if my words were so offending could anyone wait so long to complain as people are impulsive.  This is the design of Chandrababu Naidu to make an issue out of it and the script was written later to implicate me in this false case.

As far as my attending the Privilege Committee meeting is concerned, I have no issue. The Speaker remarking that I am at war is not in tune with the high position he holds. On the three occasions, I was called to attend the meeting, I made it clear that I was in Delhi, in High Court and indisposed. I have full faith in my sincerity and despite knowing well that the majority in the Privileges Committee would be TDP members, I will not shirk my responsibility.

I will give a blow by blow reply as I have all the clippings and my questions like how the video was leaked should also be answered. Why only Roja was shown and why the other provocateurs were not shown should also be answered, she said adding that even Anita knows that I did not utter a word against her but she was only acting at the behest of Chief Minister and other vested interests and summed up that she will appear before the Privileges Committee and fight it out on her suspension issue.

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