Vested interests conspiring against YSRCP

Press Release


Hyderabad, July 11,
2013: Condemning the reports that the main accused in the bank heist and murder
belongs to the Party, YSR Congress has said that it is part of the conspiracy
of vested interests and TDP to defame ys jagan mohan Reddy and his Party.

Addressing separate
press conferences at Allagadda, Guntur and here on Wednesday, the party leaders
said that a section of media and TDP are trying to connect a stray incident in
East Godavari district with YSRCP as they are afraid of the growing popularity
of ys jagan mohan Reddy.

Party Deputy Floor
leader Sobha Nagi Reddy, spokesperson Ambati Rambabu and former MLA Jogi Ramesh
condemned the reports that appeared in a section of press trying to link the
offence with the Party and said this is a conspiracy to tarnish the image of
the Party which is far ahead of others in public choice.

 “The main accused Sridhar Reddy has nothing to
do with the Party and the reports that he is financing padayatra are totally
wrong and the willful campaign of vested interests,” they said.

Sridhar Reddy is nobody
and even does not have party membership. If he has done something wrong, he is
accountable to it and the Party cannot be blamed for it. The same is the case
with the Narsipatnam women, who has been circulating fake currency notes.

Trying to blow up such
incidents that are totally unconnected with our Party, only shows that they are
scarred of our party while panchayat polls are on hand.

Congress and TDP
leaders criticising YSRCP on the incident is ridiculous. The two parties have
leaders who are charged with offences like rape, selling of diesel from
official vehicles and the like, they said.

N Chandrababu Naidu was
seen with inter-state criminal gang and he also has the history of patronising
a conman like Kola Krishna Mohan and his own cabinet colleague Krishna Yadav
has been involved in the fake stamp paper scam.

TDP has even accepted
donation from Kola Krishna Mohan and offered him Machilipatnam seat. When the
scam came out TDP has returned the donation taken by cheque and deposited in
the court.

Whenever, by-elections
are held, huge amounts are recovered from TDP leaders trying to transport the
funds, they said.

TDP leaders have been
blowing the issue out of proportion and trying to make an issue out of a
non-issue. Thousands of people throng the padayatra as the popularity of
Sharmila and the Party is on the rise and if some people try to take advantage
of it, the Party has nothing to do with it, they said

“We are a Party that is
on the rise, we do not encourage such people. Even if some of the people
holding our Party flag commit such offences, we will reject them from the
party,” they said.

In reality, the vested
interests and our political adversaries are making every effort to link our
Party with such scandals. We are alert and will thwart all their efforts. We do
not encourage such elements and will screen them, they said. 

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