Speaker: Vasireddy Padma-Mar19,2012

Reiterating that ruling Congress and opposition TDP have resorted to large scale distribution of cash and liquor to appease the voters in the by-elections, Kovur in particular, but they would not work as the two parties will be vying only for minor placing.
“We are proud to note that a national daily has reported that Congress has distributed Rs 1,000 per vote and TDP matched it in the feat, while YSRC lagged behind in this aspect,” party spokesperson, Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Monday. 
YSRC always believed in value-based politics and believes in accountability which was noticed in the Kovur by-polls. The mandate our candidate would be getting will reveal that voters have clarity and know whom to back and whom to reject, she said. 
TDP and Congress should reveal the source of the cash they had distributed at Kovur, she said adding that YSR Congress always believed in the philosophy of being with the people while the two parties have been running away from people and giving scant respect to their issues. 
 “We have shown the way as to how electioneering should be, while ruling Congress has spent over Rs 15 crores so did TDP. The same parties have launched propaganda earlier that YS Jagan will be spending large sum of money at Kovur and when it was proved wrong they took a U-turn saying the YSRC was not spending money and attributed motives.
When the results come out, it will be known the moral superiority of value-based politics over money power, she said.
The disqualification of Congress rebels was delayed under the garb of some procedural provisions only to keep away the eventual by-elections along with the seven seats already vacant. Had the decision been taken immediately on the disqualification of those who stood with YSR Congress during the no confidence motion, the pulse of the people throughout the state would have been known by now, she said. 
“We are ready to face elections at any time. It is evident that other parties are scared to go polls as they are always away from the people while YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is with the people,” she added.

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