Somayajulu- Mar31,2012

Describing as fraudulent, the charge sheet filed by CBI in the 26 GOs case, YSR Congress Party on Saturday said it was done in a hurry to prevent bail for Vijay Sai Reddy and the Party is explore legal options to challenge the decision.
“How can the CBI file a charge sheet when the investigation process is not complete? The Supreme Court has recently issued notices to the ministers, senior bureaucrats and CBI seeking explanation and even before giving a reply to the notice the charge sheet is filed,” YSRC Party Political Advisor, DA Somayajulu told reporters here.
Justifying the party stand that the charge sheet was fraudulent, Somayajulu said, when YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is accused number one A-1 in the CBI FIR was not questioned even once, how can the investigation process be complete.  
“We strongly feel that the investigation process is not complete or to that matter it has not begun yet. We will look into legal options in this regard,” he said.
The charge sheet was filed in a huff as VijayaSai Reddy would be getting bail as per section 167 of Cr PC since he cannot be kept in jail for more than 90 days.    
When Supreme Court has issued notices to ministers, IAS officers and the CBI as to why the names of the top ten were not included in the FIR and were not questioned, it is the bounded duty for the Government to reply and when this was not done, we believe that the investigation has not yet begun, Somayajulu said.
Without addressing the questions raised by Supreme Court regarding the FIR, CBI filing the charge sheet is ridiculous and the charge sheet stage will come only after the investigation process is complete. “We are in the firm belief that the investigation process is not complete as the Supreme Court notices have been received by the ministers and others only recently.
The questions raised by the apex court were very valid and relevant to the ongoing investigation. Unless there is a proper reply given and all the accused, were questioned, the process cannot be complete, he said.
We will take up the issue with appropriate authorities and explore all legal options as we believe that this act of CBI can be treated as contempt of court, he said.
As this is not a court monitored case, the CBI acts only at the behest and directions of the Central Government. “It is a known fact that many opposition parties have accused the Congress government at the centre for misusing CBI to settle political scores. A study as to how many convictions were there in CBI cases will show the style of functioning of the investigation agency. The conviction rate would be very low as the agency acts according to the whims and fancies of the Central Government,” he said.
Going to the crux of the case, he said, the issue was that 26 GOs were issued by the Government and persons and institutions benefiting out of that have invested companies owned by YS Jagan Mohan  Reddy, thus the GOs have enable for loot of public money.
The State Government is the prime accused in this case and the Chief Secretary and other top bureaucrats were named as respondents. But the Government did not file a counter and the CBI did not question the top ten respondents. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who was named as 52nd respondent was made A-1.
When the proceedings were questioned by a Nellore based lawyer, Supreme Court admitted his plea and sent notices to the concerned ministers, CBI and bureaucrats.
Only when the questioning of the all the persons mentioned in the writ petition filed in Supreme Court is done, the investigation process takes shape and since the apex  court is also involved its directions should be followed otherwise it will tantamount to contempt of court, he said.
Party spokespersons Vasireddy Padma and JupudiPrabhakar were also present at the press conference.

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