Press Release -Apr6,2012

Baffled by the recent electoral reverses both Congress and TDP are lobbying for delaying by-elections to the maximum extent possible to save further humiliation but YSR Congress Party has said that it is ready for the battle any time and on any turf.
“Active lobbying is going on at Delhi to stretch the by-elections to 18 assembly and one Lok Sabha seat to the maximum time limit, say to August/September, as the main parties in the State are scared of defeat but we are prepared for the all elections from Lok Sabha to assembly to local bodies or panchayats any time as people have confidence in us,” YSRC leader and former MLA, Srikant Reddy told reporters here on Friday.
Should the by-elections be delayed, nearly ten per cent of the electoral college from the State will be denied the opportunity to cast its vote for the ensuing Presidential election as 18 assembly constituencies and one Lok Sabha, which has seven assembly segments, aggregating to 25 assembly seats being vacant at the time of electing the person to the highest office of the country, he said.
Delhi trips are being made by the State Congress leaders for settlement of their internal disputes and not for bringing welfare schemes and funds to the State, he said and alleged that efforts were on by heavy lobbying to postpone the by-elections to the hilt.
YSRC is not afraid of elections as we are with the people all the time. Let the State Government announce elections to panchayats, cooperatives, municipalities, assembly or Parliament, we are prepared to face them and win them now and in 2012 as well, he said.
The Congress and TDP are being very opportunistic and are trying to manipulate procedures to cover up their weakness and are trying to influence even autonomous bodies, he said.
When the liquor scandal broke out they have tried to subvert the issues through transfers and the Delhi bosses, who are running the State with remote control, are known for influencing independent entities and the CBI which has many glaring examples in the past, he said.
Brushing aside the rumours of Jagan’s arrest, he said, “Why should he be arrested?” Whatever be the manipulations and impelling, ultimately we will win in the people’s court and they, Congress and TDP, will be rejected.”
Such situations arise when the leadership is weak and ineffective as it can be seen in the State and the Centre as well. The infighting within the State Congress or the Army Generals comments shows that the leadership is weak at both places and obviously the Party badly needs to postpone the elections when its image is on the slide, he said.
TDP and Congress speaking of corruption is like kettle calling the pot black as the two parties have ganged up on various issues including spending the huge amounts in electioneering. But people are with YSRC and will vote for our party in the by-elections and 2014 elections as well, he said.

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