KCR spreading falsehood on YSR, family


(Mahboobnagar district), November 27: Taking TRS President K Chandrasekhar Rao
on him home turf, Sharmila in a vitriolic attack said the sub-regional party
was spreading falsehood for its survival and levelling baseless allegations
against YSR and his family members. 

“The KCR propaganda that
YSR has no love for people of Telangana has no credence as it is a well
established fact that YSR has launched majority of his welfare schemes from
Telangana region while KCR has always been busy in using his party for
political and personal gains,” Sharmila told a big
gathering here on Tuesday. 

has been levelling false charges against YSR, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and on me as
well and we can call his bluff at any time, she said adding that people of
Telangana have benefitted most of the welfare schemes of YSR. 

was YSR’s commitment for the
development of Telangana that reflected in his efforts to give shape to the
Pranahitha-Chevella project which will irrigate 16 lakh acres in 7 districts of
the region. The project was dubbed as impossible and very difficult by many
Chief Ministers but it was YSR who materialised the prestigious project, she

N Chandrababu Naidu has allocated just Rs 700 crores for irrigation, YSR gave
the nod for a whopping 25,000 crores for irrigation and the subsequent Congress
government has earmarked just 7,000 crores which shows who is on the farmers’ side and who has been sincere towards farmers’ cause. 

local flavour, she said: “the scope of Nettampadu
project was widened from 25,000 acres in TDP rule to 2 lakh acres by YSR and he
has completed 75 per cent of the work and the State government could not
complete the remaining 25 percent work.” 

project which quenches the thirst of 120 villages was allocated Rs 100 crores
by YSR but the State Government has no concern for the people and the elected
representatives (Minister DK Aruna) has been busy in keeping her post in tact
and has no time to address the peoples’ issues, she said. 

known for its exquisite sarees world over, has been in the news for all the
wrong reasons with weavers committing suicides during TDP rule. It was YSR who
has weaved hope and confidence into their lives by announcing a 312-core loan
waiver scheme and an ex-gratia of Rs 1.5 lakh to kin of the each deceased
weaver’s family. The State has
discontinued the scheme. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken up their cause and
undertook a deeksha for their cause. 

tappers, the other major community in region also have benefitted from YSR’s schemes as the tax of Rs 500 per tree was brought
down to Rs 25 by him. 

Congress benefitted out of YSR, it is a shameless act on part of the ministers
and MPs to allow his name to be included in the FIR, she said and called upon
the people to extend their support to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who will usher in
YSR’s golden era. 

Konda Surekha came down heavily on KCR for his lack of sincerity on Telangana
cause and using his political party to enrich his family members. 





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