Do not politicise 100 seats to BCs issue: YS Vijayamma: Aug 22, 2012

Hyderabad, August 22: Buoyed by the overwhelming response it got on the 100 BCs to assembly issue, YSRCP has urged all the parties not to politicise the matter but be part of the empowerment process.

“This is not a new concept; YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has broached it in June 2011 itself during the discussion on local body elections. The proposal to send 100 MLAs to the assembly will be a positive step towards the political empowerment of BCs and I urge all the parties to cooperate and not to politicise the issue,” YSRCP Honarary President YS Vijayamma said here on Wednesday.

Such a feat could be possible only if all political parties come together and resolve their commitment for the BC cause. If all parties agree in principle, then the modalities can be worked out, she said at her Lotus Pond residence where various BC Organisations felicitated her for the Party’s path-breaking proposal of sending 100 MLAs to the Assembly.

Instead of allotting seats that they cannot win due to various reasons, it is better if all parties earmark 100 seats and field only BCs from those constituencies. This is the true political empowerment of BCs and a very practical one. This is possible only when all the political parties arrive at a consensus and set aside 100 seats for BCs, she said amidst thunderous applause from members of over 30 BC Organisations who lauded YSRCP stand.

“YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is a person who will not go back on his word and he has inherited the virtues of his father who always kept his promises. YSR always tried to keep the BCs happy and launched many schemes for them. Jagan also has the same line of thought for BC welfare and the 100 BC MLAs to assembly has been his proposal,” she said.

Describing as historic, the 100 BCs to Assembly proposal, BC Welfare Associations President R Kirshnaiah said such commitment will benefit the backward communities in  a big way and YSRCP’s proposal is a step ahead than other Parties in the political empowerment of BCs.

He urged all political parties to join hands on the issue and other details can be worked out through debate and discussions involving ideologues and decision makers.

Recalling the commitment of YSR for BC welfare, he said the fees reimbursement and other schemes served as a true indicator of welfare to the downtrodden. “Through the schemes, YSR came closer to the BCs and the latest proposal will further help to consolidate the bond,” he said.

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