Bajireddy - Mar31,2012

Coming down heavily on the State Government for hike in power charges, YSR Congress party on Saturday said such anti-people policies will reflect in the ensuing by-elections and the new tariff coming close on the heels of the adjournment of Assembly shows the attitude of Congress towards common man.
If the hike, affecting all sections of society, is not rolled back, YSR Congress will go to people and send a loud and clear message that the hike in power charges is against the poll promise of Congress Party which retained power with hard efforts of YSR, said spokesperson of YSR Congress Party, BajireddyGoverdhan,
Unless the hike is rolled back and the State Government goes in for alternative sources to meet the growing demand like buying power, we will continue our protest at various forums as this goes against the Congress manifesto, he said.
“YSR has promised in the 2009 elections that there would be no hike in power charges for five years and brought Congress to power. The increase in tariff, coming after nine years, to net Rs 4,500 crores is sheer inefficiency of the Krian Kumar government and irresponsible behavior of main opposition TDP,” he said.
Terming Kiran Kumar Reddy as an inefficient Chief Minister, he said, the State Government is trying to defend the hike in power tariff showing the recommendation of Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) as the basis, but the same points were given to YSR as well and he did not take cognizance as he was committed to respect the poll promise.
The State has already gone back on 9-hour power supply to agriculture sector and this bout of hike in power charges will be affecting agriculture, domestic and industrial sectors as well, he said. A small family using 100 units will be paying Rs 50 additionally due to this hike.
Kiran Kumar Reddy’s inefficiency has come to the fore again when he said that farmers using power for more than 7 hours should be paying Rs 3.25 per unit and the Opposition TDP, which tried to project itself as a protector of farmers, did not open its mouth. The two parties will be taught a lesson in the coming days, he said.
Industries will have to dole out Rs 2,300 crores after the hike. Already industries are facing acute shortage and are on the verge of closure further burden will create unemployment, as the industries have no option but to shut down.
During similar crisis earlier, he said, YSR had purchased power from other States and helped industries and farming community. On the other hand, Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has made it clear that his agenda is only to please Sonia Gandhi and World Bank.

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