Accident victim succumbs to injuries

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Accident victim succumbs to injuries 

Kurnool, Nov 12, 2012: An unfortunate incident took place on Monday during Maro Praja Prasthanam of Sharmila who is doing Padayatra on behalf of YSR Congress Party chief Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

A 65-year old woman by name Ayyamma was grievously injured when she came under a vehicle which was following Sharmila who began the Padayatra from Chiramanu Doddi in Kurnool district around 10.30 am. Ayyamma later died in a hospital.

Soon after the accident, the old woman was immediately taken to Adoni hospital first but was later shifted to Kurnool hospital as her condition became serious. Unfortunately, she had succumbed to the injuries.

The accident occurred half a kilometer from Chiramanu Doddi on the main road when a group of women followed Sharmila and competed to see and talk to her. In the melee, the frail woman came under a private vehicle.

Aghast at the incident, Sharmila stopped her Padayatra and tried to speak to the woman but on observing the grievous injuries sustained by the old woman, she immediately asked the accompanying leaders and a doctor to take the victim to the hospital in the party ambulance which has been part of the Padayatra.

Sharmila has regretted the incident and conveyed her condolences over the death of the old woman. “It is very unfortunate that the incident has happened,” Sharmila said.
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