BJP And TDP Are Collectively Destroying The State

East Godavari (Kakinada): YSRCP's president for East Godavari district, Kurasala Kannababu, toured in Kakinada as part of Gadapagadapaku YSRCongress programme. He gave away handouts of 100-point questionnaire, Praja Ballot, to people and collected responses about their satisfaction towards Chandrababu's rule. People expressed their fury at the Government.
On this occasion, Kurasala Kannababu exclaimed that CM Chandrababu Naidu and cabinet minister Venkaiah Naidu were being indifferent to the benefit of the state of AP. He remarked that it was unfortunate to see Venkaiah Naidu behave not like a national leader but like an official representative of Chandrababu. Kannababu criticised that Venkaiah Naidu had been repeated whatever Chandrababu spoke. He commented that the people of the state were no more ready to believe what Chandrababu and Venkaiah Naidu said, after their deception in the matter of sanctioning special category status to AP. He complained that Congress, BJP and TDP had harmed the state once through bifurcation and now again they were destroying the state again. He cautioned that Babu and Venkaiah would be left with no place in the history of the state.

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