YSRCP seeks 30-day session

YSR Congress party MLAs demanded that the Assembly session, beginning
September 17, should be extended to 30 days to discuss various burning issues
people are facing now.

MLAs Dharmana Krishna Das, A. Amarnath Reddy, G.Srikanth Reddy, in a
joint press conference held at YSR Congress Party central office in Hyderabad
on Sunday, Sept 9, accused Kiran Kumar Reddy-led Congress government of running
away from discussing people’s problems.

Holding the long overdue Assembly session for just 5 days clearly shows
how serious and committed the government is in finding solution to various
problems being faced by the people now, averred Krishna Das.

The government is scared of a discussion on important public issues in
the Assembly, that’s why it convened a 5-day session to fulfill statutory
obligation and wash its hands off, said Krishna Das.

Speaking on proposed padayatra of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu,
Krishnadas pointed out it cannot be compared with that of Dr.YS Rajasekhar
Reddy’s historic padayatra. He suspected the very motive behind Naidu’s
padayatra as it was not intended for public good, unlike YSR’s.

“Naidu neither has dedication nor commitment towards people’s problems.
Sitting in the party office he always talks about how is waging a battle on
behalf of people and making false promises,” remarked Krishna Das.

Rajampet MLA A.Amarnath Reddy, condemning the proposed 5 day Assembly
session convened by the government, questioned as to how this session is going
to help discussing umpteen issues on hand in a span of three days with two days
going off as public holidays in between.

Referring to the false propaganda of YSRCP’s possible merger with
Congress, he questioned the very need of it. “Where is the need of merger with
Congress when our party is going great guns all the way. It was proved in the
recently held by-polls,” he observed.

Further, the recent NDTV surveys too clearly stated that YSRCP is going
to sweep the mandate in 2014 general elections. “In the light of these facts, I
wonder how anyone can say that we merge our party with Congress. This is
nothing but a false propaganda unleashed 
by parties (read as Congress and TDP) whose very survival is under
threat,” said Amarnath Reddy.

He asked Chandrababu Naidu as to why he met Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh recently while he was in Delhi, leaving behind his party MPs and others.
He suspected that Chandrababu Naidu on one day might merge his party with

Rayachoti MLA G. Srikanth Reddy accused the government of shying away
from discussing key public issues. Pointing out the escapist attitude of the
government, he observed that “Kiran Kumar Reddy government is always looking
for escape routes to avoid and evade discussion on problems faced by the

He said chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, being scared of the belligerent
ministers, has no guts even to hold regular cabinet meetings. The government
has completely become defunct. Now, it found the same escape route by convening
a shortest Assembly session to avoid facing the wrath of public
representatives, he charged.

Shedding its responsibility as the main opposition, the TDP is
playing second fiddle to Congress government. Chandrababu Naidu turns as the
chief advisor of chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy. That’s the reason the
present government is bold enough in taking unpopular decisions like increasing
RTC charges, power charges etc, averred Srikanth Reddy.

Stoutly denying the rumors of a merger with Congress party, Srikanth
Reddy said that these are totally baseless and far away from truth. “Our party
under the leadership of YS Jaganmohan Reddy has been making deep inroads into
the hearts and homes of people of the state” he said.

The rising popularity of Jagan, despite of his incarceration, set alarm
bells among our rivals. Having found that they are no match to Jagan in gaining
public support are indulging in this heinous and false propaganda to mar YSR
Congress party’s growth in the state. However, people are not that innocent to
believe their gimmicks, said Reddy.

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