YSRCP slams Cong unilateral decision on T

Hyderabad, July 30, 2013:
Decrying the Congress stance on the T issue, YSRCP leaders Dr. M.V.Mysura
Reddy, MLAs Balineni Srinivasa Reddy and Golla Babu Rao have alleged that the
Congress leadership has been creating more confusion among the people of the
state with its unilateral and dictatorial decision to divide the state.

In a statement issued
here, they recalled the YSRCP’s demand at the last year’s all party meeting in
Delhi that the Central Government should come out with a proposal on the T
issue and discuss the same with all stake holders before taking a final
decision acceptable to all stake holders.

Instead of finding ways
and means on how to arrive at such an acceptable decision, the Congress
leadership has been acting unilaterally and going ahead with its decision, they
said. “Going by the developments and statements of the Congress senior leaders,
it looks a decision has already been taken to divide the state,” they said.

If the bifurcation was
imminent, the Congress should have consulted all stakeholders concerned and
taken a decision, they observed, adding that its unilateral decision has
created more confusion among the people.

“We have requested the
Centre to arrive at a decision acceptable to all on T issue as some
stakeholders may get aggrieved with unilateral and selfish decisions that may
lead to water and other problems. Just because it is empowered under article 3
of the Constitution, the Centre cannot take decisions at its will and pleasure
and play with the lives of the people,” said the statement.

They said even the
Supreme Court and Tribunals could not do anything over the illegal construction
of the Babli project and violation of agreements by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
over the Kaveri River waters.

In such circumstances, if
the state has been divided into upper and lower parts unilaterally without
taking precautions, how will the Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam projects get
water?, they asked, adding that the lower part will only have salt water.

Instead of thinking
over all these issues, the Congress party has been playing with lives of people
by playing the politics of votes and seats. “We also wrote to the Union Home
Minister two weeks ago to find an amicable solution acceptable to all but all
our appeals went unheard. Protesting against this stance only, our MLAs had
resigned. The Congress leadership shall be squarely held responsible for all
the consequences arising out of its unilateral decision,” the letter warned.


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