YSRCP seeks all-party meet on T

Hyderabad, July 18,
2013: YSRCP MLAs have written to the Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde
demanding to convene an all-party meeting before taking any final decision on
the Telangaana issue. The following is the text of the letter.



Union Home Minister,

of Home Affairs,



Delhi 110 001



We write this letter to
you, with shock and surprise on Shri Digvijay Singhji’s statement and later the
Congress Core Committee’s decision to put forth the decision to Congress
Working Committee (CWC) on the issue of the bifurcation of State the way they

An All Party meeting
was convened by you on December 28, 2012 to discuss whether or not to divide
the State of Andhra Pradesh in wake of the recent developments.

Our Party stand was
explicitly told by Dr MV Mysoora Reddy and KK Mahender Reddy, who represented
YSRCP in the meeting.

We have expressed in
the meeting, as you are aware, that Congress Party, which is in power at the
Centre and in State, should first spell out its stand and then the Centre
should put forth its stand before the people and political parties and then, if
the split is inevitable and if there is no other option, then discuss the issue
threadbare before taking any decision as to how it should be done.

However, the recent
developments on the issue are causing major concern. The statements of Shri
Digvijay Singhji, Party in-charge of state affairs, are baffling and the way
the Party is treating the issue is highly unfair.

They created a hype of
high expectations of a decision in the run-up to the July 12th Congress Core
Committee meeting. The Chief Minister, his deputy and PCC President were
invited to participate in the Congress Core Committee meeting.

The unilateral style of
functioning of the Congress Party was tangible before and after the all
important meeting. Now, the Congress Party has opened up a new chapter to the
issue in the name of taking the opinion of Congress Working Committee. All this
is their party’s internal affair.

 But, Mr. Digvijay Singhji along with other
leaders has said that they were through with many rounds of discussions and now
it is time to take a decision. Congress Core Committee’s conduct is no
different either, keeping out various proposals unilaterally.

Should the State
(people) abide by the decision taken by the Congress? Is there no need to take
into confidence the opinion of other opposition parties?   Where were the discussions held?  Who were the participants in those

While Congress leaders
are still speaking in many voices, with many contradictions, the UPA Government
is maintaining a stoic silence. It did not tell even, until now whether a
separate state will be carved out or not. Then how is it fair to decide on the
split, unilaterally.

In all fairness, the
Government should first spell out their stand and then invite other parties to
participate in the debate. From there the process of finding out a viable
solution agreeable to all regions should be explored, if the split is
inevitable and if there is no other option.

Without going through
all this process, if leaders in responsible positions announce that the
discussions are over and it is time for a decision, it shows their lack of
sincerity and insensitive to the issue and such statements cannot be

 No region should suffer due to any unilateral
decisions. Handling the issue in a haphazard and authoritarian manner for
political gains is not a good parliamentary practice.

We urge the Congress
government and the Party to shun from such nefarious policies and bring in a
transparent and practical approach in solving the issue, if the split is
inevitable and there exists no other option.

The Centre should first
put forth their stand, then call for a meeting of all concerned stake holders
and take decision which is acceptable to all parties and see to it that the
interests of no region are affected, if the split is inevitable and if there is
no other option.

Yours truly

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