YSRCP Leaders Slam Party Defection Through Raastha Roko

Chittoor: YSRCP leaders of Bireddypalli mandal in Chittoor district challenged the defectors of the party to resign and seek fresh mandate.They held a huge rally and rastha roko at Bireddypalli on Saturday, protesting against party defection. The rally took place from Bireddypalli checkpost junction to Indian Bank. Former ZP chairperson Reddemma addressed during the rastha roko held near Indian Bank. She slammed MLA Amarnath Reddy, ZPTC Radha and MPP Vimala for winning with 'fan' sign and defecting the party out of greed for money.
YSRCP's state secretary Mogasala Krishnamurthy criticised MLA Amarnath Reddy as a man lacking ethics, for buying MPP and ZPTCs overnight. Former ZPTC R.Kesavulu spoke to call it shameless not to resign to posts before defecting the party. He dared the defectors to resign and seek fresh mandate. Manohar, a member of 3rd ward of Chappidipalle panchayat joined YSR Congress Party.

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