YSRCP Leaders Demand Probe By Central Agency

Hyderabad: A third party inquiry by a central government agency was imperative to probe the attack on Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at Visakhapatnam airport. The press note cited YSR Congress leaders as saying that Chandrababu’s past is laden with vindictive killings and that his hands were soaked with the blood of political adversaries. Senior leaders of the party affirmed that they would not be cowed down by such cowardly acts. In fact, such dastardly attacks only deepened their resolve to fight injustice, the leaders said. "We strongly feel that there is a conspiracy angle to the incident involving the TDP leadership", they asserted.

Speaking to media at separate press conferences here on Friday, YSRCP leaders slammed the state chief minister, his cabinet colleagues and state police for irresponsible remarks laced with concocted versions to divert the attention from the main issue and demanded probe by a Central Agency which only can provide a free and fair inquiry as they have no faith in the state police which is taking sides and trying to dilute the case.

A person holding a dangerous weapon like a razor sharp knife and entering the airport and freely coming into the VIP lounge, shows the callous attitude of the police. They added that it could not be a one-off incident or an accident.

"The attacker had aimed at the neck of the leader but by a quirk of fate as someone had called from behind, our party president had turned back and the knife hit his raised arm which saved his life. The Chief Minister shamelessly claims that it was a minor incident and there was a minor prick which was just half a centimeter deep, as if he has measured it.

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