YSRCP ahead in panchayat polls

Hyderabad, July 19, 2013: Asserting that the Party candidates and sympathizers have won most of
the unanimous seats in the first phase of the panchayat elections, YSR Congress
has said that it will continue to put up the good show in the other ensuing
elections as well.

“YSRCP is ahead of other
parties in the first phase where the Party affiliated candidates won 855
panchayats. The figure we are giving is based on authentic data collected from
ground zero and it stands the scrutiny of the State Elections Commission,”
Party senior leader Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Thursday.

This is just the first
phase and since the withdrawal of nominations is over, the data we have given
is that of the candidates elected unopposed. Elections will be held wherever
there is a contest and in the second phase as well our Party will get maximum
number of seats. The MPTC and ZPTC elections too will be in favour of YSR
Congress, he said.

Congress is scared of
elections and has tried to delay the polls on one pretext or the other right from
the by-polls of rebel MLAs, whose disqualification was announced after the four
year term of the assembly is complete leaving no scope for by-elections.

“Due to constitutional
obligation the Government is forced to conduct the local bodies’ polls. Though
the panchayat polls are held on non-party basis, our sympathisers and cadre
took the majority of the unopposed seats with the ruling party coming second
and TDP finishing a poor third.

Our tally will improve
further after the voting and the same trend will continue in all the subsequent
elections, he said.

Though some political
parties are giving false figures and are attempting to malign our image, we
stand by the figure we have given, he said.

On Fees Poru, he said, “the
government is watering down the fees reimbursement scheme by capping the fees
at RS 35,000. Only 175 colleges are the minimum fees of Rs 35,000 while all
other colleges either have a higher slab or have approached court to increase
the fees. 

With the government
agreeing to reimburse only Rs 35,000 that too with some riders, students of the
weaker sections will not have access to higher and technical education.  

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