YSR balanced welfare, development

Madakasira (Anantapuram
dist), March 17, 2014: Continuing the diatribe on TDP and Congress, YS Vijyamma has
said YSR struck a balance between development and welfare and the state has
prospered during his term while it reeled under despair during the TDP rule and
period after his death and appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP which will
put the clock of development back to its precision under the leadership of YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Addressing a large
gathering here on Monday, she said: “elections to the municipalities MPTCs and
ZPTCs would lay foundation to the decisive mandate we would be getting in the
general elections. Vote for fan symbol to extend your gratitude to the YSR
welfare schemes which benefited people of all regions and reiterated that
Jagan’s victory is your victory and your victory is the victory of YSR ideals.”

Listing out the
welfare measures taken up by YSR, she said Jagan will continue the legacy as he
has been with the people and has directed us to take up people’s issues while
he was in jail. Aarogyasri, fees reimbursement, pavala vaddi , old age pensions
and housing were the welfare measures taken up by YSR who has balanced it with
development of infrastructure, Jalayagnam and the like.

TDP leader N Chandrababu
Naidu, who was chief minister for nine years, ran the state like a corporate
house and his schemes benefitted only his party cadre while all sections of
people were taxed heavily.

He had poor opinion on
agriculture and made uncharitable remarks on farmers and closed down profit
making industries rendering 50,000 government employees jobless. Now, the same
person is going around promising that he would give free power and waive
agriculture loans and provide employment to one person per family.

The contrast speaks of his
raw opportunism. The state has seen how he has done away with the three main
promises of NTR by lifting prohibition and setting up of cheap liquor outlets
(belt shops), defusing the subsidized power to farmers and putting spokes in
the Rs 2-a-kg rice scheme.

The man who was in public
life for over three decades now says that he will waive all agriculture loans.
This is not a state subject, it should be done by Centre and his promise is
only a mirage like his earlier poll promises.

Free education and Rs 5,000
fixed deposit to a girl child, cycles, scholarships, advanced equipment to
artisans, he had promised numerous sops covering all sections of the society
but hardly fulfilled one.

“Such a character now is on
the prowl before polls promising moon. His history of going back on his promise
is well established. He is repeating what YSR has done earlier, more so, he has
ridiculed every scheme he is now promising when YSR had assured, free power
being one glaring example.

He spoke ill of farmers and
has a low opinion on agriculture. If he had been so sincere why did he not
implement at least one of the schemes while he was chief minister? This
simpleton is now parroting YSR words while he ridiculed them earlier”, she

He has been on a Save
Congress mode all the time to shield himself from the corruption charges he is
facing in IMG and other deals. His nine-year term was littered with the Telgi
stamp paper, food for work and other scams, she said.

Training her guns on
Congress, she said, Congress government has diluted all the schemes of YSR and
Kiran Kumar Reddy has emulated Naidu in governance by increasing power tariff
and increasing RTC buses charges.

Congress-BJP-TDP nexus has
been responsible for the division of the state while YSRCP has done its best to
stall the division. Kiran Kumar Reddy, who helped the high command in
expediting the division of the state has clinched to the post till the last
moment and now came out to float a new party and blow his own trumpet of being
the champion of Samaikyandhra.

Give me 27 MPs and I will
reunite the state says Krian Kumar Reddy. Of the 33 MPs three came out to join
our Party while there were 30 MPs but still the division could not be stopped
by him.

“There would be no takers
to his argument as his conduct was dubious throughout the division process,”
she said.

If he was so sincere, he
should have had quit when the decision of dividing the state was taken but his
every move looks shady and seems to be prompted by external some force.

We have undergone turmoil
during the past four years and it was your support that kept us going and I
hope we will get the same support with a thumping mandate to see YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy at the helm of affairs to carry out the manifesto of YSR, she said.

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