YS Jagan terms Chandrababu as a broker and a wheeler-dealer

Pedana: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh assembly and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy slammed the ruling TDP and said that they have peddled lies for the last four years along with cheating and dramas. 

Speaking at a massive public meeting held here today as part of his historic public outreach programme Praja Sankalpa Yatra, YS Jagan termed Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu as a broker and a wheeler-dealer. He added that if Chandrababu had been a cinema actor he would have got the Best Villain award over successive years.

Citing the ADR Report, YS Jagan said that government support and patronage emboldened criminals and turned them into monsters. The report added that leaders of the ruling party were involved in cases of atrocities against women. "This explains why there has been no reaction from the government despite 281 cases of sexual harassment. In the last four days 11 such incidents have been reported." He called upon the people to reflect on why cases of sexual harassment rose in number over the last four years.

The YSRCP chief said that a man would turn barbaric when he was confident that no one would stop his atrocities. Referring to the case of Vanjakshi, YS Jagan pointed out how a TDP MLA misbehaved with a lady officer who was performing her duty. The CM has not even reacted to this incident. Similarly, a student Rishiteswari was harassed by her seniors and when she informed the Principal no action was taken. These were the examples of men turning into inhuman savages.

Narrating an incident that emotionally disturbed him during his Praja Sankalpa Yatra the YSRCP chief went on to narrate the tragedy while befell a young student from Nellore. The young boy before joining engineering had asked his father if he was in a position to educate him. The father thinking that he would get fee reimbursement, promised to send him to college. But there was no fee reimbursement from government and as he was was unable to pay the fees, the young student committed suicide.

The Leader of Opposition said that Chandrababu has always been cheating the BC communities in the state. According to Chandrababu, BC community development was just distributing 4 pairs of scissors and 4 iron boxes. There were many cases all over the state of dropouts and many students have dropped out of colleges unable to pay the fees, YS Jagan asserted. "The AP CM has successfully buried the Arogya Sri scheme." The ruling TDP led by Chandrababu was corrupt at every level, he added.

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