YS Jagan strike ruined

Guntur: The government has broken the indefinite hunger strike lead by the leader of the opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan for the sake of special status. Police have taken Jagan into custody who was adopting the Gandhian way of seeking special status by indefinite hunger strike. Forcibly he was taken to hospital. Family members arrived there on Monday. Wife Bharti, stayed there for 3 days were. Also, mother Vijayamma, and sister Sharmila daku reached there and asked about the well-being and health conditions of Jagan.  

In the late night, the police strategically entered the camp.  At once they reached Jagan where he was fasting and took him into control. YS Jagan said that he would continue his fast for special status. However, the police rushed to the hospital to taking him into custody.

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