We Will Not Let KCR Carry Out His Evil Acts

Hyderabad: KCR had deceived farmers, students and
everyone, complained TYSRCP secretaries Konda Raghava Reddy and Siva Kumar.
They slammed KCR’s arrogant rule and commented that he was mocking the
constitution through his rule. They cautioned that they would not allow this to
happen anymore.

TYSRCP held a huge
agitation at Tank Bund in Hyderabad in protest to the arrogant behaviour of KCR’s
Government in not inviting the party to the all-party meeting held recently. On
this occasion, the leaders slammed KCR for making farmers suffer.

The Government had
boasted about making 43 decisions in the very first cabinet meeting. It had
made many promises including loan waiver. The TYSRCP leaders questioned what
had happened to them. They stated that KCR was respecting neither the political
parties nor the Election Commission nor the people’s verdict. They mentioned
that KCR had defied people’s trust and was behaving arrogantly.

They mentioned how the
former CM Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy had developed the state irrespective of
regional favouritism. They stated that
KCR, on the other hand, was resorting to deception in the name of projects. They
reminded how YSR had allocated Rs.40,000 crore for 36 projects of Telangana and
provided irrigation water to 50 lakh acres. They cautioned that they would not
spare it if KCR tried to ignore or defame such a great leader.

The TYSRCP leaders
commented that the defection of MPs and MLAs from the party did not mean the
party was merged in TRS. They remarked that KCR’s family rule was soon to end.

Siva Kumar criticised
that the people of Telangana could get nothing in the past 2.5 years except “Bangaru
Telangana” slogan. Over not realizing the poll promises, KCR was raising
curtains to new acts, he commented. He remarked that KCR was taking decisions
at his will regarding reorganization and was conducting the all-party meeting
only for namesake. He commented that KCR was afraid of YSRCP’s impending
growth, hence was trying to beat it with insult. He demanded apology for the
unconstitutional behaviour, reminding the court’s multiple warnings to the
Government from the past.

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