Vijayamma fights for social causes

Dr. YS Rajasekhara reddy when he was chief minister introduced and executed
uninterruptedly the fees reimbursement for the weaker sections. Present
congress government shelved it. For its restoration and maintenance  Mrs. Vijayamma began a 2 – day protest at
Indira Park.

  YS Rajasekhar reddy allowed to all
eligible candidates fee reimbursement for the entire course period. By this
thousands of students could complete their professional courses and could as
well become supportive for their parents and families.

Vijayamma’s main  intention for this
fast  is to get restored fee
reimbursement without any limitations to all eligible candidates  by which lacs of students will be benfited.YS
Rajasekhara reddy viewed it as a necessary public investment and government’s
responsibility and implemented it at all odds. For that reason only even YS
Jaganmohan reddy, president, YSR Congress Party, went on hunger fast for 7 days
from February 18, 2011 to February 24 
at the same place. Again on January 4th, 2012, he made
one day protest rally at Ongole on the same issue.

After May elections, Vijayamma, as YS Jaganmohan reddy was forced into the
jail, took it as her responsibility to fight for the cause of downtrodden
people.  Against continued power cut, she
convened a MAHADHARNA at Transco office, Vijayawada on July 17th,
2012. In the same month, on 23rd, she convened a protest rally to
alert the government regarding the problems of weavers.

To protest against  the prevailing
confusion on fee reimbursement, she convened a 
rally at Eluru on 23rdand 24th August this year.
She participated in the Mahadharna at Pulivendula convened to alert the
government regarding the problems encountered by farmers.

Taking inspiration from YS Rajasekhara reddy, who convened great Padayatras
for people’s causes, Vijayamma carries the torch on her shoulder to highlight
people’s grievances and make this sleeping government to take immediate action
for the respective problems.

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