Victory Is YSRCP’s

Nellore: YSRCP’s
president of Nellore district and MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy confided that
YSRCP’s nominee Vijay Sai Reddy would win Rajya Sabha elections in spite of TDP’s
nominating a fourth candidate. He stated that the party had the support of the

Speaking at Nellore, YSRCP MP Mekapati
Rajamohan Reddy slammed TDP’s atrocious rule. He condemned the ruling party for
conducting Mahanadu with the sole agenda of criticising opposition YSRCP. He
mentioned that the CM had not told the people of the state what he would do in
the next three years. He added that the people were observing Chandrababu and
would teach him a lesson soon.

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