Victims' Families Should Be Assisted

  • All private buses are run by TDP leaders
  • That explains why the Government is not taking any action
  • The bereaved families should be given Rs.5 lakh each
  • The injured should each be given Rs.50,000 as assistance: YS Jagan
Khammam: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan stated that the Government had the responsibility to come to the aid of everyone effected by road accidents. Expressing dismay over the road accident that took place in Nayakangudem, he demanded an act of humanity from the Government. He met and consoled the victims of the road accident at the Government Hospital of Khammam. On this occasion, he indicated that Chandrababu should come to the aid of the victims, though he did not visit them personally.
YS Jagan appealed to the Government for grant of ex-gratia of Rs.5 lakh to each of the bereaved families and an assistance of Rs.50,000 for each of the injured people. He mentioned that the people being treated in the hospitals night take time to be able to start working again, so the Government had to help them with financial assistance. YS Jagan commented that it was unjust for the Government to not care about bringing the case to justice. He condemned not taking action against private buses. He remarked that the deliberate ignorance of the Government was due to the fact that all the private bus services were run by TDP leaders.
Mentioning that he did not come to politicise the issue, YS Jagan expressed utter dismay towards the incident. He requested KCR's Government to find a permanent solution to the problem of frequent incidence of road accidents in the route. If private buses met with accidents, the victims would receive third party insurance, so YS Jagan requested the Government to see to it that it happened. YS Jagan called for humanitarian attitude, stressing on the importance of offering the victims with assurance. He assured them with support on behalf of YSRCP.

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