Unhindered Corruption For Two Years

  • A rule unfavourable
    for public welfare
  • Betrayal with
    deceptive promises
  • TDP’s miserable
    failure in administration
  • YSRCP’s general
    secretary Dharmana Prasada Rao

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s General
Secretary Dharmana Prasada Rao commented that there had been nothing done by
the Government in the last two years except false publicities, bad practices
and miserable failures. Speaking to the media at the party’s central office in
Hyderabad, he slammed the Government for its inability to get funds for the
state from the allied BJP at the centre. He commented that Chandrababu’s rule
had encouraged corruption at all levels and that it had defied all the good
practices implemented by the previous Governments as well as democratic values.

Dharmana commented that
nobody in the Government was capable of controlling corruption and that
corruption had caused disgust among people towards the it. He slammed the
Government for not keeping any of the manifesto-mentioned promises and for not
working in the direction of improving the standard of life of the poor,
moreover trying to cancel the already-existing welfare schemes. He revealed
that ration was not being given if the ration of the previous month had not
been collected and thus huge amount of rice was being diverted. He stated that
the Government was not supportive of a student of a poor family to go for
higher studies. He mentioned that Aarogya Shri had been cancelled too.

Dharmana mentioned
that due to Chandrababu, farmers were moved far from the banks. The interest
rates were raised and loans had not been waived. DWCRA women’s loans had not
been waived and interests mounted. He suggested that the Government had to
check itself at least now and start working for the benefit of the people.

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