T turmoil as Cong-TRS deal flopped

Hyderabad, January 30: TRS and
Congress are trading charges against each other as their deal could not be
finalised at Delhi level and KCR has been using Telangana people’s sentiments
as a commodity for personal gains, YSR Congress has said.

“The statements of TRS and
Congress leaders brought to fore their behind-the-scenes agreement that went
awry and has become crystal clear that the two parties could not come to an
understanding on merger and the consideration (price) thereon,” YSRCP spokesperson
Gattu Ramachandra Rao told reporters here on Wednesday.

Quoting three leaders, he
said, while K Taraka Rama Rao says, first give Telangana then we will talk of
the other modalities, Congress leader V Hanumath Rao says, give the letter of
merger and take the letter of Telangana. Madhu Yashki on the other hand says
there should not be any riders for the merger.

All the three statements point
to one common factor that there has been a deal which went wrong somewhere and
the issue has been boiling.

Unmindful of the suicides and
heartburn of the people of the region, leaders of the two parties have been
hurling abuses at each other only to signal that the deal for mutual benefit
could not be concluded. 

TRS leaders, who claim to be
spearheading the Telangana movement, have been trading the sentiments and the
movement for their personal gains. The issue has been very clear and there is a
precedence of PRP merging for gains in whatever form, he said.

Neither Congress nor TRS have
any love lost for the people of Telangana but have their personal agenda ahead
of everything else he said adding that the present situation arose as they
could not strike a deal at Delhi level. KCR, who was in Delhi for some time had
said that he was prepared to merge the party with Congress but did not tell as
to what was the consideration, Rao said.

The two parties are treating
the sentiments and self respect of the people of Telangana as a commodity and
are engaged in mercantile activity, he said.

On one hand there is unrest
and tempers are running high, while the issue is been dragged for reasons other
than regional interests, he said adding that playing with the sentiments of
people will prove costly to both the parties.

KCR had told during Parakala
by-election that Telangana will be a reality in three months to garner votes
and increase his bargaining power with the Centre.

Congress and TRS should
take responsibility of the deaths of innocent lives in the region, he said.

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