They Are Not Qualified Enough To Criticise Him

Guntur: YSRCP'd president of Guntur district, Marri Rajasekhar slammed minister Prathipati Pullarao and TDP district president Anjaneyulu for criticising the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan and stating that he was hindering the state's development. Stating that they were not qualified enough to criticise YS Jagan and there was no development Chandrababu's Government had done in the past 2.5 years, he condemned their statements strongly.
He reminded that Chandrababu had celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony at the capital city as if it was his familial celebration and had invited PM Narendra Modi and spent Rs.400 crore and questioned why it had come to a stop in spite of no stay from any court on it. He also questioned why investors would come forward when the ruling party leaders of the respective areas were collecting unofficial taxes.
Marri Rajasekhar remarked that the Government had failed in preventing fake seeds and complained that the fake seeds had come into the market right in front of agriculture minister Pullarao's eyes.
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