TDP's Misdeeds In Graduate MLC Elections

Visakhapatnam: In the backdrop of Graduate MLC elections, ruling TDP was unethically enticing voters, complained YSRCP's state official spokesman, Koyya Prasad Reddy. In the press meeting that took place at the party's office in Visakhapatnam, he stated how minister Narayana was luring students of Narayana and Chaitanya colleges with good score in practical exams if they registered their vote. He also revealed about misdeeds going on in Gitams educational institutions.

Prasad Reddy complained that money was being shown as lure with Rs.10,000 per vote registered and Rs.20,000 per vote cast. He commented that Chandrababu was mocking the democracy to satisfy his thirst for power. Prasad Reddy stated that they would report about these misdeeds to the elections officer and the collector. He also criticised Chandrababu for not releasing notification for group II.

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