TDP's Caste-Specific Partiality

  • Does Lokesh dare to
    face elections?

  • How is Lokesh related to ministers?

  • YSRCP’s official spokesman
    Ambati Rambabu
  • Rajahmundry: YSRCP’s official spokesman Ambati Rambabu complained that CM
    Chandrababu and his son Lokesh were targeting leaders from Kapu community for
    their harassment. Speaking to the media at Rajahmundry, he reminded how
    TDP had promised at the time of elections to join Kapu community to BC class
    but deceived later and illustrated Chandrababu’s atrocities by mentioning
    Mudragada Nagender, a person who had been working as CSO for Chandrababu for a
    long time but had been fired recently just because of having ‘Mudragada’ as his
    last time. He criticised the way Chandrababu’s son Lokesh had insulted deputy
    CM Chinarajappa. Suggesting that Lokesh should step back from showing his
    brutality towards ministers, he commented that it was unethical and shameful to
    write a public letter to YSRCP president YS Jagan, while himself doing
    misdeeds. Ambati remarked that Lokesh was following his father in practising
    cheap politics. He suggested Lokesh to realise that the picture showing him
    scolding Chinarajappa had been put on TDP’s official facebook page.

    In what way is Lokesh related to the cabinet?

    Ambati reminded that Lokesh was only the national secretary of TDP and
    questioned what made him eligible to train TDP ministers. Challenging him to
    contest in elections if he dared, Ambati commented that there was no truth in
    the public letter written by Lokesh to YS Jagan, mentioning YSRCP followed
    caste-based politics. Criticising TDP for deceiving Kapu community regarding the
    promise of joining them in BC community, he remarked that being the son of
    Chandrababu would not make Lokesh a great person and he should deserve honour
    through his abilities.

    Ambati slammed Chandrababu as a person who had backstabbed his
    father-in-law NTR and recollected how he had challenged to contest against NTR
    while in Congress, but reached his nest after being defeated in the elections.
    He criticised that Lokesh’s involvement would be there in whatever corruption
    happened in the state and ridiculed that Lokesh was thinking of becoming the CM
    in whatever means possible. He challenged TDP to release unedited video
    clippings of the ministers’ training. He remarked that it was Chandrababu’s
    habit to insult after using one’s services for selfishness, reminding how
    Jr.NTR had been ignored after elections.



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