TDP ignoring dalits: YSRCP

Hyderabad, April 5: Affirming that the ideals of Babu Jagjivan Ram are relevant even today, YSR Congress has said the ruling TDP has been neglecting dalits and other weaker sections by not implementing the welfare schemes and the funds allotted are not being utilised to the desired effect. 

Speaking to reporters here on Sunday the Party SC Cell President Merugu Nagarujuna said: “Government is only paying lip service but in actual terms the dalits are ignored as not a single poll promise of the TDP was fulfilled after Chandrababu Naidu has come to power. They are being used during elections and are ignored after coming to power.” 

Dailts are not getting their due share in the budget allocation in proportion to their population. While the allotment in the budget itself is falling short in percentage, the allotted sum is not being spent,” he said adding that YSR has made adequate budgetary allocations. Dalits and other weaker sections have benefitted during his term while the TDP government has been ignoring dalits.
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