TDP govt. anti-farmer: YS Jagan

Amaravati: YSR Congress Party chief and Leader of the Opposition in the AP Assembly, YS Jagan Mohan Mohan Reddy condemned the TDP government indifferent attitude towards farmer’s issues. 
Speaking to media informally in lobbies after the House was adjourned, YS Jagan welcomed the government recognizing badminton player Sindhu and appointing her as Deputy Collector but wondered why the government is not showing same concern on farmers. 
He took objection to declaring holidays to market yards in the State when the farmers were eagerly waiting to sell their product. “Only a anti farmer government can declare holidays at this juncture” he said and added that the TDP government had promised to create Rs.5,000 crores market intervention fund but it was not materialized even after three years. 
“When we insisted on discussing the issue in House to give some solace to the farmers, the government ran away from the House,” he quipped. He said that YSRCP is not against GST Bill.  
The YSRCP chief  also said that Chandrababu calimed that A means Abhivruddi and Amaravati (Development, Amaravati) but in the TDP rule, A means Avineethi, Arachakalu, Anarogyam, Abaddalu..
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