TDP Followers Join YSRCP

Ananthapuram (Hindupuram Urban): The people of the state are waiting eagerly to enjoy the rule of the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan, who is relentlessly fighting against the corrupt TDP Government on behalf of people. TDP followers are gradually leaving the party, disgusted by Chandrababu's deceptive rule. They are showing interest to worku under the leadership of YS Jagan. In the presence of YSRCP's coordinator of Hindupuram, Naveen Nischal, TDP leaders from Kirikera BC colony joined YSRCP. Naveen Nischal invited them into the party by decorating them with the party's scarves. Speaking on this occasion, Nischal confided that YSRCP flag was sure to be unfolded in Hindupuram constituency after the upcoming elections. Participating in the event were councillor Nagabhushan Reddy, mandal convener Basireddy, BC cell Ramu, Chand Basha, Nakkalapalli Srinivas Reddy, former sarpanch Satyanarayana, P.Rangappa, G.Gopal,Tirumalesh and others.
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